Now Consigning…

Changes Vancouver:  We have closed the Vancouver location…for now, until we find a new space to re-open in. We are still available for our Home Closet Makeovers and depending on what you have to consign, we may have a Buyer for it!    To book, phone:  604-222-1505

Changes Calgary consigns for over 40 stores plus a city of great shoppers!   Changes Calgary is now accepting mid to high-end, designer SPRING TRANSITION items, by appointment. Call for your appointment. Phone:  403-240-3392

How Do I Consign At Changes? 

Changes is always accepting trendy, mid to high end label (including couture brands) consignments by appointment that are in-season, in perfect condition, and have been purchased within the last year.

Consigning Is Easy, Efficient & Accurate at Changes!

1. Call us to book an appointment that works with your schedule

2. Bring in your items freshly laundered, pressed, and on hangers by appointment. We give you the hangers back, of course. If anyone in the house smokes we will not be able to take your consignment regardless if the items were freshly laundered as fabrics will retain a smoke smell.

3. We will decide which items will sell best at Changes, and which items will not sell for us.

4. We open a computer account for you and get you to review our consignment contract which explains all of our consignment policies in detail.

5. We can donate any items that we feel we can’t sell, or you can take these back home with you. Changes is known to be very selective for consignments, which is the reason our store is such a great place to shop!

6. We actively sell your items for two months, At the end of this time, you can pick up anything that is unsold or we can donate any unsold items to our local charity consisting of women who will use your clothing – clothing is free to them.

7. There are no minimum or maximum limits as far as the number of items you are able to bring

8. At the end of your consignment expiry date, you can collect a cheque at the store. While doing this, you might as well consign again!



 What is your Consignment Percentage Split?

There are three consignment split options at Changes Vancouver, which allow you to make as much as 50% of the selling price on your items.  The options as follows for Changes Vancouver.  Please check with Changes Calgary for their split details. 

  1. 50% In-Store Option: – You receive 50% of the selling price of your items to use toward a purchase of anything that we sell from merchandise to gift certificates or event tickets.  Unsold items are either entered back onto your account again or they are donated directly to women in need at the end of the two month contract time, at our discretion.  It is in both of our best interest to get your items sold, so we we are on the same team in terms of trying to find items to re-enter. 
  2. 40% Payout & Charity Option – You receive 40% of the selling price of your items, which you will be paid for at the end of your contract time when you come in to collect a cheque for your earnings. Cheques are issued on or after your consignment expiry date, at your request.  Unsold items will be re-entered onto your account if we feel they still have a chance to sell or will be donated to charity, at our discretion.  
  3. 35% Payout & Pick Up Option – You receive 35% of the selling price of your items, which you will be paid for at the end of your contract time when you come in to collect a cheque.   We can mail payments for free to addresses outside of Vancouver.  

Consignment Seasons:

SPRING: January 15 to April 15
SUMMER: April 15 to July 25th
FALL: August 1st to September 30
WINTER: October 1 to January 15th

HOLIDAY FORMAL: October 15 to December 15
SUMMER FORMAL: March 15 to May 15th


Why Should I Consign with Changes?

  • We have been voted Vancouver’s BEST consignment store for 11 years by our customers, along with receiving many other awards.
  • We are full computerized which means we have an accurate inventory of your items.
  • we actively sell your items in a boutique, high service setting where we have professional stylists to help people.
  • We are located in prime retail shopping areas in Vancouver and Calgary for your convenience.
  • Our stores are gorgeous and our heart and soul has been invested in Changes since 1987 (Calgary) and 1997 (Vancouver).
  • We are a family, owner operated independent business that gives extremely generously to charities in our community, city, country, and the world.
  • We have several events annually which generate a lot of items to be sold in a short amount of time.
  • Our system works to create a win-win for you and Changes. Changes Good! We care about our clients.
  • No maximum or minimum limits!

 “At Changes Clothing & Jewellery Bar, you will find outstanding customer service, trendy clothing, sparkling jewellery, a commitment to enhancing our community, and the best consignment terms & service around. This is all packaged in our gorgeous store layout that shows our love for fashion, textiles and life. Changes Good!”


Consignment Tips: 

A Computerized Inventory is Essential:

If you choose to consign at a store other than Changes, it is essential that they are fully computerized. Without a computer system, there is little chance that inventory can be accurate and that your items can all be accounted for if any price tags fall off of them. Without a computer system, a store would have to go by memory to figure out whose item lost its price tag. With many people trying things on and many items coming into consignment stores every day, tags fall off items frequently, and staff can’t possibly remember who owns every item.

It is a bonus to consign with a store that does not have any minimum or maximum limits, and that does not prevent you from getting your money when you want it.

Check Out the Store – Will It Be the Right Fit for Your Items?

You are trying to make money and are looking for a great business relationship in which to do that when you consign. Check out the store to see if you like the ambiance, staff, and stock. See where they are located as most stores cater to their surrounding areas. Changes caters to the 60,000 UBC students and faculty along with the residents of the West Side. We have a tonne of clients who make a long journey to shop and consign with us, but in general, our target market is our surroundings. if your clothing does not fit the store, it probably won’t sell, so this is important.

If consigning overwhelms you, Start Small:

Start by booking an appointment so you have a deadline. Then commit to choosing 3-5 items from your closet to consign. Chances are, you will find more, but it will get you started on your way to making money back from your closet… and making some more room!



Frequently Asked Questions / Concerns: 

What kinds of things do you accept?:  We accept items by appointment, that have been purchased in the last year, that are mid to high-end labels – including couture – in perfect condition.  Bring in your items freshly laundered, pressed, and on hangers.  

Do My Items Have to Come In On Hangers?  Yes.  You will receive your hangers back, of course.   We will not look through items stuffed into a bag or a box.  We are looking to partner with people who are serious about bringing their clothing for re-sale.  

I Don’t Want To Launder Items In Case You Won’t Take Them: For those who are not wanting to prepare their washable clothing, they should donate it. If an item is dryclean only, then get us to look at it before incurring the cost of drycleaning. Clothing quickly gets a musty smell to it, even by hanging in your closet for a short amount of time.  We are unable to take items that have any damage to them, regardless of the brand or original price of the items.  Shoes and purses need to be wiped down on the inside and out.  They should be polished to get any scratches buffed out.  

What kinds of things does Changes consign?  Besides amazing clothing, we also consign shoes, boots, shawls, scarves, purses, gloves, brooches, premium sunglasses and some accessories.

Does Changes sell costume jewellery?   Sometimes, if it is a great label and in new condition.  We have a jewellery bar that is made up of new, handmade designs by local and Canadian artists, so we don’t generally take costume jewellery, unless it is a high end brand, and in like-new condition.  

Do You Discount Items?  Yes.  We have daily in-store sales, a monthly e-newsletter with coupons in it, along with Twitter and Facebook VIP codes that all act to encourage people to buy your items.  With so many items coming into our store, we aim to sell things for the most money we can while offering the shopper a great deal to create a win-win for all.   If you don’t want your items to be discounted, you are not ready to consign.  

I don’t want to part with my clothing!   Then consignment is not for you.  Consignment is best for people who have great things that are in excellent condition that they never care to wear again, making the money that they get for them a bonus, along with the closet space.  Consigning allows someone to get something for a great price without creating more demand for more chemicals and resources such as water to be wasted in making a brand new item.

When you are ready to consign, we hope that you choose Changes!