Changes Vancouver Events:

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May 7/8th – Kazumi Beads Sprin Sale – Proceeds to Covenant house! Stop by 2-4pm and meet Kazumi!

May 7/8th – Pink Lily SALE – 
Take 50% off all Pink Lily jewellery, bobby pins and cliq claqs.

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Now Accepting DESIGNER Summer Consignments, by appointment. To book, phone: 604-222-1505.  


Changes Vancouver Pick Up Service:   Price: $30 + tax= $33.60

Don’t have a car?  Maybe it is that you are just too busy to come consign at Changes?    For most addresses on the Vancouver Westside, downtown, and parts of North Richmond, we can pick up your consignment for you.  I will arrive at your home to view your consignment items on an agreed upon time and date. You will need to have your items ready in the same way as if you were bringing them to the store – freshly laundered, pressed, and on hangers.  I will quickly determine what I can consign and will take those items to Changes for you and enter them onto your consignment account. For more information, email Rhonda HERE. 


Changes Calgary Events:

Thank you to everyone who attended our annual November fashion show! Our next fashion show will be in May, 2016.

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Now Accepting DESIGNER SPRING Consignments, by appointment. To book, phone: 403-240-3392