Changes’ jewellery bar is always sparking with over 50 local and Canadian artists. Here are two artists from the Vancouver area for you to enjoy.

Kazumi is originally from Japan, but now resides in West Vancouver, where she creates jewellery using a mix of glass, crystal, and semi-precious stones. We are thankful that she has chosen Changes to showcase her designs for many years now. Kazumi designs necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, and can accommodate custom orders for weddings or for special occasions. Not all of her styles are featured online, but we have her extensive line featured in-store with regular arrivals of her sparkling creations.

Jazzy Girl Designs is an upscale collection made by Susan Coburn who also works at Changes as a stylist.  Jazzy Girl Designs are inspired by the jazz clubs and of days gone by where glam and sophistication was sought after day and evening.  Being a jazz singer herself, Susan knows this first hand.   Jazzy Girl Designs is made up predominantly of necklaces and earrings.  Susan can do custom work for you to re-work your existing stones into a new design that you will love, plus she can repair your existing jewellery pieces that need some help to be worn again.  

Odette Alfaro is originally from Chile, and now resides in Vancouver. Odette specializes in sterling silver jewellery that is custom stamped with words, names, dates, and symbols so that you can have jewellery that is one of a kind and momentous for you. Odette also uses semi-precious stones and creative mix of materials to create a full assortment of jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. We do not have all of Odette’s jewellery featured here, but have a large collection in-store, plus she can accommodate special orders and larger orders for weddings and momentous occasions, as with most of our artists. Custom orders are accommodated. 

Justine Brooks Designs is made by Whistler, BC artist, Justine Brooks.  It is one of our most versatile and sought after lines.  Justine combines sterling, metals semi precious stones, and natural materials in her collection.  She has won several awards and is a graduate of Emily Carr where she mastered the art of metals to be a true silversmith. 

Sophia Tamar is a Vancouver artist that creates handmade designs that are simple and adorable.  Her stud earrings that come in an endless array of shapes are a staple of her collection with seasonal, ever changing necklaces and bracelets to match. 

Lulu is a Vancouver designer whose necklaces are the centerpiece of her collection.  She designs with sterling silver, gold plate, and semi precious stones.  Her necklaces and earrings are simple and sophisticated, making them a perfect piece to wear dressed up or casual.  

My Jacket Pocket is an Ottawa artist who makes boho chic, eclectic, fun jewellery using a mixture of metals, stones, and fabrics.  Her jewellery designs are cute, playful, and add a perfect finish to any outfit to give it a more art inspired finish.

34 other artist are in-store!